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As I was watching the game....

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  • As I was watching the game....

    I kept being reminded of the 2009 season. I remember how poorly they played down the stretch and how they all just joked around on the sidelines like it was no big deal.

    I get so frustrated watching a guy play so poorly(Webster) only to see him joking around with teammates on the sideline.

    The same goes for Chase Blackburn, who has horrendous today. He was every bit as bad as Webster. But he still found time to joke around on the sidelines.

    These are supposed to be team leaders and as a leader you have to not only care about what you say and do but care about how it APPEARS. If it appears you dont care about winning or losing, then why should a young guy on this team care about it

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    I agree. It was a bad feeling as a fan seeing our guys joking around and laughing after laying yet another egg. As a fanz, I wasn't laughing or bout you?