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it's both coaches AND players

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  • it's both coaches AND players

    our Defensive scheme sucks because we have several players who are old; Webster, Tuck and Osi. our linebackers are aged/aging as well. blackburn is a good kid but he is slower then molasses. Boley? I'm not sure about him but alot of our prior SB players have no fire in themselves and wee need to trim the fat. <br><br>I hope alot of you are ready for some down years. Coaches? If Coughlin stays on, chances are, nothing will change on the coaching staff, that being said, KG will remain the same, Perry fewell will probably be here next season and this circus will continue. As long as Coughlin stays KG will too unless the FO forces TC hand. Coughlin will have to be straight up let go.<br><br>we'll need several offensive pieces, Diehl, Snee, Baas will or should be let go. Locklear seems like a guy we can build the offensive line around. So we'll need some serious offensive linemen drafted this April. we will have to let AB go as well. this kid is always hurt and we need someone who has young speed. AB has been with us past the average lifespan of a RB in this league. I would let hixon go, randle and keep hicks and cruz.<br><br>I honestly think this team "MIGHT" need to think about a QB beyond Eli. I see that when we won both SB's, the team was somewhat young. fresh and hungry. We need players who will be leaders. as it stands now, Eli is going to get hurt because we can't stop players unabated from nailing Eli.<br><br>Time for our draft picks to start earning their money and TC needs to knock off with the buddy system. It is killing him as a coach too. He should be embarrassed from letting Diehl play. Bass scares the heck out of me and snee is of the old guard and needs to be replaced.<br><br>KG has to go for obvious reasons, he has outlived his usefulness and is openly obvious as to what he'll call. Our playbook got us by only so far up to this point that I sense the players feel this too. We are dead in the water with no fire, our tank has no gas. at some point.. when do we say "enough is enough", and make changes?<br><br>I think this is an obvious question as those certain players are aged in terms of lifespan in the league. Some of you can call me crazy but, you know this monster is glaring at you too.