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    He said, before the season started, that we're not a 9 and 7 team. Actually Tom we're really kind of a weird 7 and 9 team. After the SB win, last season, TC was going to the HOF and taking Eli with him. That may have been a little hasty. TC was the guy that said, a couple of years back, that 10 and 6 was a good record for an NFL team and people can just kiss his a**. That was another year that we just gave away the division championship. This year he can't understand HIS team's disgraceful performance and he's beginning to get that look like he's about to tell his critics to kiss his .... again.
    Well Tom you just did it again. I truly thought it would be really difficult to win back to back SBs but I envisioned a year where we come close. I was imagining a hard fought division win and maybe a loss in the NFC championship game, kind of like a Pat's team's season, (I'm not a Pats fan but I'm so mad right now that I can't help envying their machine like efficient play) Obviously, I was mistaken about this season. The roller coaster ride continues.
    I have to admit that after the loss to Washington I did feel real uneasy but you still have that glimmer of hope. It happens to all Giant fans. We start grasping at straws and believe the team is going to wake up and start playing explosive football. This year our D came apart and without a real running threat again the 4th Qtr. 80 yd. TD bombs were exactly what teams knew they had to shut down.
    Where did guys like JPP, Webster, Kiwi, Joseph, Eli and Nicks go.


    Can anyone tell us why our rookies are never quite ready to play no matter how good they're supposed to be. We only have certain schemes for them. Why play Phillips when Stevie Brown is hot. Why keep TT, Scott Jernigan, Barden if they can't perform. Why can't Hixon get open more frequently. What happened to Keith Rivers. Prince was going to be our CB sensation now he can't get enough playing time because he's like some potentially great players who are just injury prone. I thought Canty was supposed to be ready for our first regular season game instead he quietly disappeared for about 7 games. AB is a bulldog but the guy's literally running on pins. He's a good player who can't play consistently and unfortunately for AB it's getting worse but we keep running him. You hardly used Andre Brown until his break out game this year, I guess we've been devolping him too. Which D coordinator sets up his line to just harass a team's QB. Why does an O coordinator voluntarily tell the media about a player's weak points after the rookie breaks the franchises' all purpose yardage record and scores 3 TDs. Now that's a unique way to inspire confidence ! How does Peyton Manning come back from a full year off, (with an injury some thought was a possible career ending one), then go to a new team and not skip a beat. He wins games and inspires the whole team to think and perform like winners. Now that's Elite. I don't care if little brother has another SB ring I want Peyton's style of play. Brother Eli plays like a champion then disappears for awhile.
    Last but not least a note to TC; please have terrible practices and great games. You have it reversed right now. Just thought I'd mention it to you.
    I do have more but others have generously chipped in their rants without even being asked. I think this forum is really worth while. It probably saved a lot of us from jumping off high places Wow 7 months until July and I can't wait. That's like the old joke, the soup is bad here and on top of that they never give you enough of it. Think about it.

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    How did you come up with 7-9?


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      We've already won 8 games so we're obviously not a 7-9 team.


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        Originally posted by GMENAGAIN View Post
        We've already won 8 games so we're obviously not a 7-9 team.



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          sorry 7 and 9 was just kind of below average type record. Really just trying to say they've been playing like that.