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My uneducated take on the game

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  • My uneducated take on the game

    What can you say, it happens after every SB win. Why this team didn't come to play the last two games is anybodys guess. Looks like big changes coming this off season. Injuries didn't help and letting Ross walk was the killer as QB's padded their stats against us all year. Is JPP really any good, we will find out next year. Is Eli all of a sudden that bad, I doubt it. I blame the "O" line. I think if we could point to one game as our down fall, it would be for me the Washington loss. Those are the big games we always won, and the wind just went out of the sails as they say. Then there was that first game we didn't show up to play when we got shut out with a chance to wrap up the title and sail into the playoffs. That was the first warning sign that something was really wrong with this team. So ends the year. Well, at least we won't be picking last in next years draft!
    Players come and go on the Free Agency Merry-Go-Round, but the N.Y. Giants will always be here!