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We have to end the reliance on the DL

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  • We have to end the reliance on the DL

    we've gotten away with chumps at LBer and an average secondary at best because of an unbelievable pass rush in previous years.

    this year the pass rush started slow, and never really picked up, other than the odd game here and there, and we saw teams run it up the gut against us, nail big play after big play, with no consistency at all from game to game.

    we've basically bet the farm in terms of money and talent on the DL, and when it doesn't show up, we really have nothing else to throw at an offense.

    its gonna take some time, but i think more balance in our defensive philosophy is necessary going forward.

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    Totally agree. I have been posting for ages about the sub quality at the LB position. They can not read the holes or shed blocks. They can not cover backs or TE out of the back. This team used to be built around the LB corps and needs to start again. Reese needs to get his head out of his you know what and start drafting better. We need solid players not prospects all the time!!