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D'Alessandro: Giants' Season Has Been A Mirage

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  • D'Alessandro: Giants' Season Has Been A Mirage

    Excerpt: "Yes, it takes sky-darkening blobs of chutzpah to call yourself a worthy playoff team when you go 2-5 since the start of November, so the Giants — we use that term ironically — decided they weren’t even going to try.

    We should thank them for that much, because it’s time for complete candor among us: This team was never very good in the first place — not even when they were 6-2, not even when they were beating their chests after victories against Green Bay and New Orleans and making claims to being the best team in the universe.

    The truth is, they’re not the best at anything but fooling us with alarming regularity, as even the most cynical (read: wisest) fan base in the NFL always seemed to think Houdini was buried somewhere under the Timex Center, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary in four of these last five years.

    There will be no December resurgence for this team, because Tom Coughlin can do math just like you can do math, and he was wise enough to offer his concession speech in the aftermath of the smashing 33-14 defeat against the Ravens yesterday, when he spent four more quarters wandering the sidelines of M&T Bank Stadium in a plaintive stupor searching for his lost team.

    “That’s very remote right now,” the Giants coach said when somebody brought up the playoffs.

    “We weren’t able to get it done. We don’t have momentum going.

    “We fought so long and so hard, we were sitting where we could determine our own fate, and we let that get away from us.”

    Let’s agree on this much: We can stop pretending that these Giants are capable of turning on the charisma with the flip of a switch, and instead acknowledge them for the mental weaklings they often become this time of year.

    Because so many times before — in’08, ’09, ’10, and now in 2012 — they had division leads disappear in December, and even that semi-recovery in 2008 was barely worth noting after their home defeat to Philly.

    So let’s be frank: This failure, which is their fourth in five years, is not an aberration or lousy luck.

    It is a trend.

    And bad trends mandate change."
    “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” MB Rule # 1

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    I know this probably will not happen, but if KG is back as the OC next season, the offense will sputter down the stretch again. I can't talk about PF. He is so terrible with his scheme its not worth talking about, but I can't see him being back here next season. But if I am wrong about that, it wouldn't surprise me.
    Reese, gone. Check! Bench McAdoo Doo, gone. Check! Let's Giants 2018.


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      3rd and 18...