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Myers: After Coughing Up Division Lead, Giants No Longer Super Men They Once Were

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  • Myers: After Coughing Up Division Lead, Giants No Longer Super Men They Once Were

    Excerpt: "This was no way for the Giants to defend their Super Bowl championship, going down without a fight the last two weeks. Where was the pride? Where was the sense of urgency? Where was the ability to rise above adversity and impose their will?
    Where were the Giants?

    Almost 11 months ago, Tom Coughlin stood on the podium in the middle of a wild scene on the field of Lucas Oil Stadium with confetti coming down from the rafters as the Giants celebrated their second championship in five seasons.

    There wasn’t a happier man in America.


    Coughlin was back on a podium Sunday night. But this was in a small room off to the side of the Giants locker room as a bewildered Coughlin — not a good trait for a head coach — admitted he had no answers for the way his team embarrassed itself again, this time 33-14 to the Ravens after last week’s 34-0 loss in Atlanta. There was no confetti.

    Even in a league where the past is a bad predictor of the future, it defies logic that after beating the Saints 52-27 two weeks ago, the Giants followed that up by getting outscored 67-14 by the Falcons and Ravens. They are on the verge of missing the playoffs. The loss eliminated them from the NFC East and they barely are alive in the wild-card race. They need to beat the Eagles on Sunday while the Bears and Vikings lose, and the Cowboys lose or tie." Read more...
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