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Surprisingly, I'm at Peace with it

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  • Surprisingly, I'm at Peace with it

    I was not as heartbroken as I thought I would be. I think being dominated and humiliated for the last two weeks could do that to you. It's a sobering experience. They were seriously overmatched and the last two games were over after the first quarter. You could easily see where the game was going which was nowhere for the Giants. I was so bummed after the Redskins' loss, I had a restless sleep that night and was quite affected by that loss for a week. A tough loss like that could come back to bite you, and I did feel we came to play that day but we ended up losing because of penalties. You know things weren't going your way if you lose a tough game like that and you just gave the other team the momentum and confidence to ride out their season. The Eagles game sucked too and if you could not maintain the lead against the Steelers when it was supposed to be an emotional game, something is really wrong. Those games were quite defeating. It's just annoying that they show some flash of brilliance and gave us hope they could turn this around (games against the niners, packers, saints), but it's always one step forward and two steps back. The last two weeks look like 10 steps back. The backs against the wall did not work. After the Eagles game, I did feel that we lost that fourth quarter magic this year. Too many chances to win that game, and they were all squandered. The Redskins game only emphasized it. I think the Cowboys were just such unlucky bunch that they actually came back on us and lost on one little finger that's out of bounds. That game wasn't too encouraging either. We just don't have the magic this year, we got out-motivated in too many games. That's the only way I can describe it. So here we are and I'm just grateful that we won the Super Bowl last season because that was a magical season -- one that came out of my wildest dreams. And thinking about 2007 always makes me really proud and happy because that was the most satisfying win I've experienced. And that put things into perspective -- I cannot trade the last two Super Bowls even against a disappointing year like this. We are not technically out, but I'm certainly prepared for the outcome next week.