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Hurricane Sandy and the Sandy Hook Elementry School Murders too much to overcome

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  • Hurricane Sandy and the Sandy Hook Elementry School Murders too much to overcome

    Every team is a reflection of its community to some extent. Last season the Giants were hard nosed and determined much like New Yorkers. However this season the repeated tragedies have affected this team. We lost to Pittsburg after leading 20-10 in the fourth quarter in a game that was dedicated to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. However no one remembers the week heading up to that game, when players were in hotels and did not have power. Then we were blown out by Cincinnati and went on a bye. We returned from the bye only to face another tragedy with the Sandy Hook Elementry School murders. Vicor Cruz and others went to offer support to the community. I know it is not an excuse but it is difficult to focus on football when there are tragedies in life. These guys are human and if we were facing personal tragedies at home such as a divorce or other family problems it would be difficult for us to focus at work. I know this team has talent, but we need an off season to reflect and rebuild.

    Go Giants

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    I respectfully do not agree with all of what you say. Hurricane Sandy certainly could have affected them, especially since some may have been flooded out of their house or have gone a long time without power. I can see that as a reason. However, Pittsburgh flew in to NJ the day of the game, which is not the norm, as teams fly in to later than the day before a game. Both teams were out of a routine. The Giants had a 10 point lead and blew it. That was not due to them thinking about what they are going through at home. They did not finish the game. Regarding the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, it is an event that affected the ENTIRE nation. No one in the NFL had a child who attended school there or a relative who was a teacher or staff there. I would agree with you if a player, coach, team staff or owner had a relative who was killed or survived that tragic event. I would agree if the Patriots began to falter. They did lose to the 9ers, but are back on their winning ways and a division champ. The Jets were losing to good teams and beating weaker teams until Sanchez' butt fumble. Then, they squeaked by lesser teams and then lost to the weak teams. That's all due to the circus in that organization and not due to Sandy and Newtown. So, I can not agree with you. Rather, it is the late season collapses that plaque this team since 2006. Every year, except their two Super Bowl runs, they've had some kind of collapse. What would be the excuses for those years? I believe that these guys need to look back at the year and figure it out. Changes will be made....that is for certain. Hopefully for the better. That said, have a Merry Christmas and a safe, prosperous and a happy new year!


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      This is a topic that keeps coming up and one I disagree with. I think the tragedies affected them as much as the normal layman. They knew about them and felt anger and whatever range of emotions but on the football field they gave no thought about it. I think the losses were more about breakdowns in their football world. Poor coaching, poor execution and just a lack of fire. Plus, I think some of the guys cannot physically do it anymore.

      Teams are built to the blueprint of Super Bowl champs to either beat them or emulate them. Other teams have built and surpassed the Giants in their own game or have developed ways to counter them. The Giants are a victim of their own success and I think that alot of the players thought they were invincible. They got smacked in the mouth and haven't been able to counter it. They seem to have gotten ready for only a couple of games this year..San Fran, New Orleans and Green Bay...other than that they forgot about the rest of the schedule.