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This team simply isn't good enough

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  • This team simply isn't good enough

    We all have our theories and opinions on why this team won't make the playoffs this year. Some say coaching, some say its the players, some say its both. The truth is, this team was simply not good enough in the first place. No one on this team is having a great year. Last year, Eli was playing at an elite level. He has struggles this year, due to a variety of reasons. Nicks and Cruz were dynamic last year. Now, Nicks is playing with one leg and Cruz hasn't been quite as good. Our offensive line and running game was bad last year and this, but Eli and the receivers covered that up. That is not the case this year.

    On defense, the pass rush has not been there for most of the year. JPP has not been as dominant. Tuck and Osi simply look past their prime. We know the linebackers were not good to begin with. Canty is coming off an injury. Boley, one of our best players on defense last year has been injured as has not had a very strong year. Corey Webster, a good cornerback last year, has appeared to have lost a step. Phillips was able to stay healthy for most of the year last year, this year he has not.

    We can all look at the numerous reasons why the team will not make the playoffs this year, but the bottom line is that the team is simply not good enough.

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    I disagree somewhat. They are good. Good enough to shut down SF,GB&NO but for some reason as a whole they cannot put together consistent games. All the reasons you state are %100 truth. But good teams find ways to compensate for these inadequacies. There is more than enough talent, just not enough heart.
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      It's not often I agree with giggles..But yeah, you got it.