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    For awhile, (I've been on our boards since 2010 but had to re register this year), I complained about our GM passing up FA talent and his draft picks. However, after we won the SB, last year, everyone said he's really a genuis and molded a great team. He did things without making those splashy high priced moves. He was said to give us talented depth in a lot of positions. He even 'stole' Keith Rivers.
    Our GM has the 'pick the best athlete in the draft strategy', regardless of a specific position need. I didn't make that one up I heard it numerous times by analyst during and after the draft. Under this strategy we take Wilson, (he is good),when,at that time, he had a stable full of good RBs including the under used Scott. We pick Reuben Randle,(who was supposed to be 'NFL ready'), when you have talented WRs on your roster you haven't really used yet.
    Well I've looked at our draft picks for the past 5 years and I invite you to do the same. We have the good but the bad and then the ugly are kind of out weighing them.
    He brought us Baas who really can't hold a candle to O'Hara and the Rivers trade is beginning to look like the Bengals' assesment of him was correct. Now I'm sure we can certainly point to some good moves but we still can't find the pro bowl caliber LBs we desperately need.There are other positions where we needed immediate help but we have to groom our rookies for a long while before they can get off the bench and make a significant contribution, regardless of their 'best athlete' talent. We don't coach them up to play the same year unless we need them immediately.
    So, here's a challenge for Mr. Reese. After releasing the high priced talent that didn't play because for various reasons, go to the FA pool early and spend some $ on getting impact players for immediate and future help, then add some talented draft prospects but maybe you want to evaluate some that can play in 2013 rather '14 or '15
    We win a SB last season and this season we find out we're in need of serious rebuilding. That happened real quick ! Sorry, but I still can't see the genius. As a beat writer wrote, after the Raven's disaster, our team is like a mirage first you see it and then it disappears.

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    Good post. I mentioned this for the past few days that Reese has been not getting enough attention for his poor drafts and lack of FA. This team needs a rehaul especially on the defensive end and also the OL.


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      His poor draft picks have won two Super Bowls and he has been scouting talent for the Giants for a long time.


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        I read your post and didn't really have a response regarding the merits of your points. I don't follow this stuff closely, looks like you do. I just watch the games, read the papers and listen to sports talk radio. From those sources, the consensus seems to be when things are going well, everyone in the organization's a genius and the fans are on board. When things are not going so well, as in the debacle that is the last 2 games, questions abound and everyone's judgment is suspect.

        I'm not sure if you had these concerns when the Gmen totally dismantled the smack talkin Niners. How about when they shut down the Pack and introduced Aaron Rodgers to the turf several times...or when they pinned 50+ pts on the Saints getting them back, finally, for the embassment they have given the Gmen over the years.

        I follow the team and am comfortable with the coach and front office staff and the decisions they make. IMO the problem they really should look closely at is why they have a 2nd half swoon every season and what they need to do to correct this. 2008 was the only season I can remember during Coughlin's tenure that they didn't have an issue...until Plax chose to use his leg for target practice.

        Anticipating a long winter w/o January football.


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          He needs to stop drafting raw workout warriors and instead go for people who have the specific mechanics to their position down. Also, this team is so imbalanced towards skill players that our o-line and d-line (other than JPP)and our linebacker corps have atrophied.

          I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.


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            Don't know what the answer is, but it just seems that all the parts on this car are breaking down at the same time. . .recievers, lines, secondary. And the thing is even with those breakdowns, we're not a terrible team. . .just not playoff caliber.


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              I agree with you on a point of Rivers. We hardly played the guy grant it he was injured this season. He really hasnt been thay good in the draft besides the obvious pick of JPP and NICKS. We over pay for players like bass and dont draft needs lie LB. Untill this team changes its unit it will look the same. I like Reese to am extent and im not like some on this board sho called him a genius when we was winning. Our coordinators suck and grant it TC should take some blame. Reese does have a say of wji stays and who goes and clearly this team will remain looking the same next year.


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                i didnt think rivers was horrible, but i like williams in that role a lot more. herzlich is horrible, he needs to go. i think the bad is on tc for forcing locklear out when diehl came back. that to me, is exactly when the problem really started and you could start to see the teams chemistry cracking. jr isnt perfect, but to me, he put together a team that went 6-2 in the first 8, which is pretty good, after that the team just kind of fell apart. i do not know what is going on with webster, but other teams are seeing something, and they are taking advantage, and that is also really hurting the team, he is normally right at pro bowl caliber.

                Gonna miss the big guy. rofl.