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what I would like to see next year

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  • what I would like to see next year

    I agree with everyone on here about needing to improve our offensive and defensive line for next year. I would love for us for next year to start developing some sort of running game. A strong running game helps set up everything else. I think that david wilson should get a majority of the carries next year. Let him wear down defenses with his speed. Then late in the game bring in a big full back like hynoski to pick up those 3rd and shorts with his size. Now of course like we have been saying we need improvements on our offensive line for something like this to work.

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    With Andre Brown in the mix too. I think he would make a good compliment to DW.
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      oh yea! I forgot about him. before he broke his leg that guy was a beast.


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        The # 1 thing that I'd like to see is enthusiasm from highly paid FB players to play the game. To see players who not only want to win, but hate losing and take it personal. To see a team that will keep fighting tooth and nail. Do all this, and they can win another SB becaue I think that they have the talent to do it.