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Are we still suffering from the uncapped year?

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  • Are we still suffering from the uncapped year?

    Is that the reason we never seem to have cap room? I remember hearing about it early last year that we over spent a lot during the uncapped year and we would struggle cap wise three or four years because of it.

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    High-priced free agents and numerous contract restructures are the culprits.


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      No. In fact, teams became frugal in the uncapped year as everyone knew the cap would return [with exception of Washington, Dallas and NO]. It was moreso the years prior to. Contracts given to the likes of Canty and Boley weren't necessarily considered significant then, but the landscape of cap changed when it was lowered after the uncapped year.

      However, that's just a small portion of it. This team had to pay players at the key positions with the highest median salary [QB, CB and DE. Top three of four sans LT]. It costs money to keep talent at vital positions.