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Giants in the playoffs

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  • Giants in the playoffs

    First off, we don't deserve going to the play offs.

    How do we reach the play offs? These 4 results must occur:

    Giants win
    Lions win
    Packers win
    Redskins win

    What are the chances for this? It's roughly a 11% chance for this to happen, it's really not that far fetch.

    Obviously the Lions game will be the most crucial as Lions have nothing to play for. Packers will want to win to secure their #2 seed. Redskins will want to win to secure the div title and a play off spot. Redskins could potentially lose their play off spot if they lose today and some other results goes against them.

    I still haven't given up the hope. Bears reminds me a bit about the Giants this year, they've been very unpredictable. Hopefully they pull off another stinker tonight.

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    I agree! I am going to be doing some scoreboard watching today! If the bears loose, I will be really amped up


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      I think the early games fall our way. Imo it's up to the Giants to beat Philly and then we watch a game tonight with high hopes.