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At least we went out strong.

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  • At least we went out strong.

    Yes. The Detroit game was a heartbreaker. But at least we finally beat Philly and beat em good. Let's just look forward to next year and hope to win back OUR Super Bowl trophy at our home in New Jersey.

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    That was an uplifting and dominating win by the Giants no doubt. No heartbreak here. I think there were more Giants fans hoping the Lions to miraculously win than actual Lions fans.


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      Yea I'm glad we destroyed the Eagles but can't be too happy about how this season turned out.

      3 games that will haunt me the rest of my life: Bengals, Falcons, and Ravens....those will be added to my #### list along with the 09 losses to the Panthers and Vikings, miracle at the new meadowlands...etc


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        We need more pass rushers, pass rushing tackles.
        Good teams win games, Great teams cover the spread!


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          Obviously a very disappointing season, but anytime you blow out the Eagles and the dog killer it's a good day. I hope it helped the guests from Newtown,CT., if only for a few hours.


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            Originally posted by alphadog
            Yes at least we went out strong against an eagles team that had nothing to play for. We suck. The only reason we won a couple super bowls is because of our lucky *** hail mary bullsh*t. Keep practicing those bombs because that's all we've got. Nothing to show for it and a crappy draft pick. Yay.