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    Change is coming. Who Stays? Who Goes? What do you foresee?

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    Hopefully a new offensive coordinator, never been a coughlin fan, but if i had to pick i would rather a new offensive coordinator

    Wilson and Randle in dominate roles on offense, and not just spot players


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      Diehl needs to retire. Osi won't be back. Tuck is probably thinking about retirement too. That's a ton of salary cap room. Carr should be gone. The rest depends on who the free agents are. I think signing Cruz is a priority; but a lot of the other free agents might be told the Giants aren't putting up big money for them. Bennett stays, I hope.


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        I think Diehl and Osi are definitely GONE! Tuck I think will stay but would not be surprised if there is a changing of the guard. Webster I think is in jeopardy of not being here next year after his abysmal season. Also listening the Giants pregame show they had an interview with Bradshaw where he spoke about how this could be his last season in blue which really surprised me. I mean with the emergence of Wilson and his injured feet and knees its possible they could trade him to Miami or something.

        Coaching wise: PRAYING someone takes Gilbride like maybe the Raiders. Fewell not sure if he would be a HC candidate but ya never know.

        Next years Giants team could a whole new world.