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Giants Proved They Have More Answers Than Questions

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  • Giants Proved They Have More Answers Than Questions

    They proved they could dominate on the road ( Niners ). They proved they could dominate at home ( Packers ). They proved that their first two ( probobly 3 ) Draft picks are not busts. They found good FA's-TE Bennet, OL ( Locklear ) and probobly LBer Rivers. The injury bug that hit us, was more like Locusts. Looking at the season before it began had a lot of us thinking the Fix is In. Niners, Saints, Packers, Falcons, Ravens, Steelers a virtual Rogues Gallery of Bogey Men. And on top of that the NFC-East decided to become the NFC-Beast again ( Hence, thats why Skins and Boys are playing for the title tonite ) Big Blue still Banged out 9 wins. WHAT WE COULD NOT DO. We could not stop the run, ( Betty White could get 1st downs on our run defense ) It seems the only guy that could get to the QB, was the Towel Boy. Elvis Patterson is very Jealous of our Secondary. However season opponents and injuries aside. IMHO we are 3 players away from contending again ( A Run Stuffing DT, A ballhawk corner,and a Road grader mauler OG. )

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    And a Killer LBer wouldn't hurt either