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    We all have threads basically saying similar things. I think we fans can all agree that the Giants played inconsistant through the year.
    Sometimes they looked unstoppable as they took apart the 49ers. Some times they looked so bad as if they belonged in the Toilet Bowl, not the Super Bowl.

    I wish to thank the Giants for giving us 2 Super Bowls in thepast 5 years. I love my Giants but i was disappointed. Yes we had injuries but so do other teams and that is not an excuse.

    As I have said before:

    We need to address two positions at OL (preferably a versatile Tackle/ Guard and a Guard/Center). Perhaps we can get one via FA and one via the draft? I know we have other raw rookies in Brewer, McCants ans Mosely. However we need depth on our OL.

    I would love to have another complimentary TE weapon and cut Travis Beckum.

    We need depth at CB, as we are short at this position.
    We need a complimentary DE opposite JPP.
    We need MLB and OLB.
    We need another DT run stuffer in the rotation.

    Need positions (Not in order or priority): T/G, G/C, CB, DE, MLB, OLB, DT

    It will be interesting to see who resturctures, and who is cut, etc!