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My thoughts on what we need to add going forward

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  • My thoughts on what we need to add going forward

    After yet another 9-7 campaign, seems the giants live in the 8-8 to 10-6 range every year, it is clear the giants will need to find a way to consistently win more than 9 or 10 games a year to guarantee a birth in the playoffs. I think our biggest failure this year was that we stuck with the 4 man rush for far too long, After the first few games we should have been sending 5 or more more often. It was clear we weren't getting there with the D-line alone very early in the season and we should have adjusted by sending LBs, corners, or safeties. There is a million ways to get pressure on the passer and I just don't understand why it took us so long to get creative. If we had sent more guys on the blitz early and often it would have opened things up for the ends to dominate when we didn't blitz. The fraction of a second it takes for the O to read if a blitz is coming is enough time for the likes of Osi, JPP, Tuck and others to get the upper hand when the O realizes the blitz is not coming. As it stood we didn't do anything to confuse the offense, we just sent 4 every time. Professional athletes will destroy you if you allow them to just play without making the stop half a second and THINK!

    Our first concern on defense must be stopping the option. The skins won the division, our primary concern now needs to be knocking them off. To do this we will need a big guy in the middle who takes up space, can move the line and stuff the run in the middle. Second we need speed on the edges of the defense, RG3 made our very fast DEs look slow when they tried to chase him down. Most of our guys haven't had to stop the option since HS and College. You can stop it by A: making the QB commit early. this can be done by our DEs if they know going in it is their primary responsibility is to get to and shadow the QB under control. That big interior lineman needs to eat up the middle and take care of the first run middle option. After the QB is rolling out on the 2nd option the DEs need to force the Qb to make a decision. The middle linebacker is key here, if it is a designed rollout option the middle lb needs to chase the flow inside out and pick up the cutback as the DE will be exposed. Finally the corner or safety must maintain contain if the ball gets to the edge, the rest of the defense has done a good job of stringing out the play make a tackle. The corner and or opposite side LB needs to be aware of crossing routes coming across, RG3 can throw accurately across his body opposite the direction of the play. This is limited however by making him commit early. The option game is only deadly if the offense has time to set it up and can dictate what it wants to do. Even if you get exposed a little by forcing the Offense to commit early the damage is mitigated by reducing the time the play has to develop.

    On offense: our biggest need on O is O-line. We looked old and slow this year. We have running backs with good vision who can make big plays if the line can create a crease, not a hole a crease! For the most part we were unable to do that this season. Diehl looks slow and over-matched the entire year, he has been a great giant for many years but I think it is time to replace him. If there is a dominate O lineman on the board in the first round I think we need to take him and build the rest of the line around him. Eli is an outstanding play-action QB, one of the best in the league. If the giants can get an effective running game going Eli will blow the top off any defense in the NFL. Our offense is literally unstoppable with a decent run game. We have had a shift in our offense since Tiki retired. For younger fans here Tiki Barber, love or hate him, was possibly the best rb we ever had here. His twin brother is still playing in the league and I have no doubt that if Tiki played some more years he would be an eventual HOF'er. I think Frank Gifford is the only other HOF rb for the giants and he is way before my time. David Wilson is a better athlete than Tiki Barber, We will see him add strength and some weight(as Barber did) without losing his quickness and he will develop into a top level back in this league for a long time. The difference today is that we no longer have the best O-line in football. Our O-line was simply outstanding for the early to middle part of the 2000's. We have watched them get older and retire and not replaced them with equal or better talent. If we can focus on the O-line in the draft and through free agency of available we have the skill players right now and for many years to come in place to see a huge return instantly. Bottom line is all the offense needs is a better line, right now we have the best corps of receivers and backs the Giants have EVER had. We get a line and we can turn them loose!

    Defense: Much of the personnel changes on the defense need to be dictated by the Washington Redskins. Our primary concern on defense must be to stop the teams in our own division. Stopping the option means strength and size in the middle and speed everywhere else. We need to take the best players available to fill these roles, we need dynamic, intelligent athletes who can fill multiple roles. COACHING - I an not impressed with Perry Fewell this year. Either he guessed wrong in preparing the team with schemes or was unable to make the proper adjustments during the game. I can;t remember watching a giants team that forced so few 3 and outs as this one. If we can get a strong O-line we will not need our defense to dominate and win games for us but we will need them to be able to get off the field on 3rd and long situations. We need Fewell to put on his mad scientist hat! Get creative we have some outstanding athletes on D, Use them! We have an offense that can generate yards and a very good punter who does not allow return yards, If our defense can protect the field and take advantage of opportunities I think that will be good enough.

    (as a side thought, it looks like the league will be adding more playoff teams in the future, I have mixed feelings about this as a football fan but as a Giants fan it is a boon! What other team can sneak into the playoffs and dominate better than we can! Of course it will probably mean we just end up losing one more game a year and missing the expanded playoffs anyway so who knows lol)