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Bondy: Giants Merit Super Praise

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  • Bondy: Giants Merit Super Praise

    Excerpt: "You walk into the Giants’ locker room on Monday, even after the disappointment a day earlier, and this is still the last bastion of sanity in New York sports. There is no lockout here, no Tim Tebow circus here, no coach du jour, no Alex Rodriguez, no cheapskate owners, none of the pandemics that plague the other clubhouses.

    Eli Manning
    is holding court at one end, saying nothing much again, very politely, for as long as anyone has questions and can keep his eyes open. Across the room, Justin Tuck is promising better things from the defense. You want to tell them it’s OK, no big deal, thanks for the parade last February.


    Both men underachieved badly this season, they know that. Both might be a bit past their prime in terms of production. But you know what? They get a pass, along with the coach, the general manager, the owners. These are made men, with their two rings. They get a conciliatory pat on the back, because really there is not much more you can ask from a football franchise around here.

    The NFL has 32 teams, after all, each demanding a turn. Any of them would be thrilled with one Super Bowl title in the last 11 months, with two title runs in the last five years. Many would take the 9-7 mark this season, too.

    Every pro sports team should be as efficient as the Giants with their last three postseason opportunities, batting .667. Here in New York, the Yankees have won but one championship in the same span. The Jets, Knicks, Mets, Nets, Islanders and Rangers haven’t even reached the final round.

    So yes, the Giants blew a three-game lead in their division, swooning at the end, a lousy habit. They dropped that 17-16 game in Washington, settling for too many field goals, which still bugs Manning. They were horrible against Atlanta and Baltimore. But even in the era of screaming headlines and talk show hosts, there is such a thing as perspective in East Rutherford. When the late owner, Wellington Mara, was asked once outside the practice field what he reasonably expected from any Giants’ season, he expressed a modest goal.

    “Just make the last game mean something,” Mara said." Read more...

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