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    I am posting this thread in reference to some that I read this morning. there have been alot of threads about changes that have to made to our team. Some have been negative and some positive. At times there have been some posters who have fell completely off their rocker and lost it. I have a theory that I hope sheds some light on the subject. I have said from day 1, that giants fans are the best. We wear our team colors with pride. We expect nothing short of greatness. When that does not happen we get a little pissed. Some posters are subtle and some are not. But venting I think helps with the healing process regardless of the situation. I not going to say that some posts have not been completely insane, I am guilty of it but thats the beauty of oppinions. I would be willing to bet that if our team went 2-13 or worse every year we wouldn't need these message boards.

    I know that most of us are a little upset on how our team performed this season, but that is the beauty of the game. What makes football so great is that anything can happen on any given day. Imagine if they won the superbowl every year. After a while it would just get boring and take away the excitement of the game. I not a football expert, and I dont know the rhyme and reason behind some of the decisions that are made with the team. I know it can't be easy.  All that I do know is that in the end everything will come together and we will make another run at the superbowl. So having said this, I will stand behind the giants through thick and thin. I will forever be a giants fan!!

    Happy New Year Giant's Nation!!!
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    I will forever be a Giants fan also. But you are correct: Changes need to happen this off season. I'm hoping for a very sucessful draft. I'm hoping Eli can get his rhythm back. The D can manhandle again. Bradshaw can get healthy and stay healthy. If his work ethic does not inspire this team then nothing will.

    Time to turn my mind to next season and a brand new beginning.