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    Lets take a look at some vets and whats up next (not all are FA's):

    KP Positives - Great on back end, nice tackler at LOS, can never have enough secondary in todays pass freindly league.
    Negatives - Injuries injuries injuries, this is a degenerative knee and an offseason may not be the fix -
    Comment - Will hill has flashed and Stevie Brown was an absolute ball hawk in 12'. For an average salary maybe - if he wants the money he will be shown the door.

    Boley - Positives - great start to the year with 3 picks, still has good speed and makes flashy plays.
    Negatives - more a of a finesse backer speeding around guards rather then taking them on, age is creeping up, injuries are creeping up,
    Comment - not a good sign that when healthy UDFA spencer paysinger cut into his time. May be nearing the end for Boley.

    Osi - Positives - can still edge rush well despite numbers being down as they were for every giant lineman. Still plays fast. The strip sack can change games and its still in his arenal.
    Negatives - gap control - edge discipline (to be fair most de's struggle with this against -players like vick and rg3, lives and dies with the speed rush.
    Comment - in the last few games osi was pretty active, he is definitely still capable of being a pass specialist and even a starter on most teams just dont see how he comes back to blue but still has value for sure - big money? Not likely.

    Tuck - Positives - Still stout inside as a rusher and against run, for once in recent times he is talking like he is hungry (not surprised considering the down year), Still a leader. Versatile.
    Negatives - Big time drop off in a once very proud and disruptive end, struggles on the end beating tackles one on one which was what he lived for in the past.
    Comment - JT is still a leader and still can play but the fire has been out for 2 years, saw flashes in SB and in playoff run but not many signs this year. Guy can still play and would start in most places but NY is not most places - needs to live up to contract.

    Canty - Positives - Monster inside, stout against run. Gets a push.
    Negatives - Injury really derailed most of his year. Gettting up there in age for a big boy in the middle. Big time contract.
    Comment - Giants are fairly thin at DT, austin is still developing, Kuhn hurt his acl, which leaves an older bernard who is a rotational DT at this point and the emerging Joseph. Canty must live up to contract next year and with limited back ups may just get the chance.

    Webster - Positives - oldest tenured giant in secondary. great experience. Great cover corner with his confidence. Very durable
    Negatives - Seems to have lost his confidence and maybe more importantly a step. Getting up in age for a cb.
    Comment - understand that coaches really appreciate a guy that plays and can be counted to suit up every sunday, Webster has done that well for 2 years. Clearly looked slower this year and struggles in one on ones. Question is was he lacking confidence or simply getting old. With a pass friendly league in place Corey probably stays in blue but it was a tough tough year for the proud 23 and there wont be much slack if he stumbles early in 13 with hosley and prince behind him.

    AB - Positives - intestinal fortitude (warrior who plays with pain), can still make big plays, wants the rock, leadership, good pass blocker. doesn go down easy.
    Negatives - can play through anything and due to his diminutive size its a good thing cause he has too every week, feet are constantly an issue, may not be an every down back in order to be at his best.
    Comment - Wilson is coming and to me AB would be a great tandem back if he doesn't ask for too much. If he paid attention to Jacobs he wont make the same mistake. Guy still has game but is better when fresh. If the two split carries could be a very formidable duo, and seems to be a great teammate - when not hitting cruz upside the head.

    Diegl - Positives - Durable, Versatile, Loyal dependable.
    Negatives - See nothing about blocking in positives.
    Comment - see Corey Webster - coaches love players they can depend on and this was diehls first year fighting injury - sadly it wasnt the first year he fought a decline in skill, he is close to a swinging gate and its just hard to see him back at RT but where are the guys pushing him, Brewer? Looked awful in preseason and locklears injury might be an albatross.

    Keep in mind Cruz Hakeem and Jpp are all gonna want and all need contracts. JR will no doubt have that in mind when moving on all these vets, they are the present and future.