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Giants' Antrel Rolle: "Just Want To Apologize For A Letdown"

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    Originally posted by NYGisBallin View Post
    Well said. Cutting him at this point is blasphemy.
    We tend to forget he has rarely played his natural position since being here. But he never takes himself out of games and owns up to his own mistakes. I like Stevie Brown and he surely has a nose fort the ball, but he's made some errors that cost us as well. I think we'd be better off with both here next season.
    “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” MB Rule # 1


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      Originally posted by ryan12 View Post
      i think we will cut him or restructure him. will hill and stevie brown starting safteys next year. that being said i to love his passion but its not like he isnt replacable
      Why would you want to do this when we would have to replace him via the draft or FA? I say keep him if possible, as others have said we may lose KP to FA and losing Rolle on top of that would leave a large hole in our defensive backfield. We have enough holes to fill via the draft so I think keeping Rolle is in our best interest.

      Anyone know offhand what the cap hit would be if we got rid of Rolle?


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        sometimes this kids says the right thing, sometimes he says the wrong thing.

        at least this was the right thing to say.