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why are so many people ok with letting KP walk?

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  • why are so many people ok with letting KP walk?

    it seems like our defense plays so much worse when he's not on the field. he was injured this year in a different knee than his surgically repaired one in 2009 which his play would indicate his recovery was successful. I cant remember the last time this guy was burned deep or blew a coverage. he always seems to be in the right place and makes the right reads. jason witten talked a lot about him in an article I read a while back saying how his presence makes it tough for offenses to throw deep because of his range and ability to go get the ball. I know we have talented young safeties in hill and brown, while also having antrel rolle, but you cant deny what KP does for this defense.

    is it really that much of a long shot for KP to stay?

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    His knee. I'm not exactly positive that it is very stable, but I do recognize KP's value. I would rather have him back and keep my fingers crossed that he stays healthy, than not re-sign him at all.

    EDIT: And just to be clear, yes, I am advocating that we re-sign KP.
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      Yea, that knee. . .and the cap-hit. Who knows what he's looking for, but he's even a bigger question mark game to game than Nicks.

      I just think that some other team is going to have a greater need for Safety and more cap-space than the Gmen. They'll be willing to roll dice that JR just won't.


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        They are crazy, the defense was completely different with KP back there for the right price i'd lock him up for a billion years, he is a top 5 safety when healthy and I believe he could be healthy once again with a full off season too heal up and with more guys like Rolle n Brown back there to make sure he doesn't do everything like when he was basically the only S back there when we had no cb's n rolle had to play cb


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          KP can teach up hill n brown and they will be the terror 3 back there.