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  • Appreciation For What We Have

    Take a minute to reflect. If the Bengals don't make a comeback in this game, it'll be at least 23 years (the amount of time passed by next years playoffs) since they have won a playoff game. Sit back and think about how long its been. 22 years. If that was the Giants, I would have been 6 months old for their last playoff win and wouldn't have ever seen it happen. Appreciate what we have here with the Giants.

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    I am always proud to be a fan of a great org and i am very thankful for what parcells and TC brought us. I personally would add gilbride bellicheck fewell spags and many many players to this lest as well. Big thanks to maras and tisch's as well. LOVE BIG BLUE.


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      The Bengals last won a playoff game the year AJ Green was born.


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        While I appreciate everything the players on this team have done for us, we do need to part ways with a few players.
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          Well ruddy thats true every year, but obviously a lot of vets up for debate this year. some who have given a great deal to blue.

          I still remember when pepper was cut - i believe it was one of the last cuts of preseason - it was shocking but thats the business.


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            Hard to imagine thinking about it being basically my entire lifetime since the Bengals won a playoff game. Everything I have seen and done, besides the first 6 months of my life, has happened since the Bengals last won. Crazy