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Anyone else really mad how we ended our season

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    Knew the season was over when they played the Falcons. Had doubts before that though. Last year was magical. This year was not and you could see it wasn't. Same record, much different feel.


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      Originally posted by sheepdip View Post
      I think it is really frustrating.

      Watching this game just makes me even more frustrated as these 2 teams arent very good.
      I am not sure where all this frustrations comes from. This team laid an egg in the openng day they were supposedly defending their crown. You should have known then not to expect anything from this team but another famous 2nd half Coughlin collapse. You have to learn that with Coughlin at the helm this team is mre likely to produce a disappointment than joy. Yes 2 SB rings and 7 collapses in 9 years. The odds were better than average that we wiil witness another collapse and it did happen. If you think that next year will be different, I got news for you, same coaches, different players most likely, same results 9-7. Then let's see how we will blame execution again and not the coaching staff.