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    Am I only one who finds playoff football hard to watch when the Giants aren't in it?

    I'm so dissapointed in our Giants. But maybe my belief that we would repeat was just wishful thinking. I mean I've stated (and been flamed for) every weakness I believed the Giants had going into the last offseason and none we addressed. (You might say that the poor Oline play was addressed by drafting a back in the first but that's a reach especially considering the guy couldn't get any touches.)

    I hope some of them will be addressed this off season. We need better players on the oline. (This should NOT be dealt with early in the draft. You can always find mean MF who WANT to block late in the draft. After all blocking is 90% WantTo.) Free agency is the place to do this. I love it how some teams....usually really bad teams blow a first round pick on a tackle, teach him how to play in the NFL and then let the guy get into free agency. Kmack comes to mind.

    People who claim that the NFL is a passing league and so linebackers are unimportant have been proven wrong. JR had had a really "whatever"attidude about Linebackers and once again it hurt our D. He's behaved like this since he's had the job. "What? We're thin at backer. NO PROBLEM we'll just convert out first round PASS RUSHING DE into a SAM backer." (I love JR but he has completely wasted what could have been a great career for Kiwi. And before anyone says that Kiwi didn't set the world on fire when he did get his snaps at DE I say to you that the NFL is a specialist's league. You need a guy to focus on one position in order to maximize his potential.)

    I find it funny when you hear Tuck and JR himself say things like.."well we can't get sacks because teams are using 3 step drops against us. Well guess what....good linebacker play eliminates the quick throw forcing QBs to hold the ball thus facilitating an effective pass rush.

    We need better secondary play. The idea that we can go thin on DBs (And resign guys with chronic ACL issues) because we have a great pass rush makes sense IF YOU HAVE A GREAT PASS RUSH!!! We didn't have it this year and guys got exposed. (Thinking that Justin Tuck of 08 was sudden;y going to appear on 2012 was stupid. Thinking that OSI who has all but called HIMSELF a mercinary at this point was gonna bring it every week was stupid. Neither of those guys should have been on the roster this year. I don't know about you but Kiwi and JPP as our every down DEs looks alout better than the Tuck-Osi-JPP rotation to me.)

    Corey Webster was terrible his first two years in the league. Made a small leap in year three and then topped off. Its not his fault. I'm not mad at him but sometimes I think our personel department is run by some of the posters here. Corey is, never was and never will be a shut down corner. He gave us some solid years...nothing more nothing less. We need one more corner who can play at a higher level. I have no complaints about Prince's play and I'm glad we have since I was starting to believe JR didn't have a clue about DBs. (Missed on Ross, Missed on KP and then signed a bunch of bums who are injury prone in the first place...and then you guys wanted to count guys like Michael Coe againt our injury quotent for the sake of making an excuse for our poor play.)

    I hate to admit it be we do have coaching issues. We've got two rings with Coughlin and thats great but there is something amiss.

    Why can't we consistently defeat inferior opponents? Why does the team just straight up fail to show up for certain games? Why did David Diehl play even one snap at RT when it was obvious based on his play at LT for several years that he is physically incapable of playing on the right side? What more puzzling is when Diehl got hurt and Locklear came in and performed at a higher level than Diehl he still couldn't hold on to his job. There's something wrong there.

    Why was Wilson basically benched for the better part of the season because of one fumble? Last I checked first round picks are supposed to play. I understand that rookie backs need time to develop in pass protection but that's a third down issue. What about the other 2 downs??? I'm sorry but if felt like Wilson was benched to to prove a point and in a Zero Sum there's no time for that ****.

    I'm gonna use an extreme example just to accentuate the point: What if Parcells benched LT for falling asleep in meetings or whatever else LT was doing wrong? Parcells might not have liked everything LT did but he knew that LT could help the team win so he dealt with his issues with the player OFF the field. Punshing the team and the fans over principal is in contradiction to the concept of TEAM.

    Lets talk about Coordinators for a minute. I don't want to rehash to much of what most of us have already stated but I for one love KGs offense...WHEN ITS WORKING. I'm still puzzled about how the Giants could have Eli sit back and try to throw 40 yard bombs against teams who's Dline we flat out can't block. We almost never can block the Philly front and we never adjust to quick west coast concepts in the offense to counter the rush. We complain about teams using 3 step drops against out D but we never NEVER use three step drops ourselves.

    It was bitter sweet to watch the Giants fly around and beat the Eagles down week 17 because we all were thinking the same thing...."Where were these guy 2 weeks ago??" Funny how Fewell blitzed damn near every down in that game but more or less refused to all season and for most of him time here. I guess Fewell is only willing to be aggressive in elimination games...oh wait we basically had 3 of those this year and he brought his A game in just one of them when it was already to late.)

    Anyway I could go on forever I guess and I know attention spans are slim in 2013 so I'll thank you guys for the open ears and open minds. And for everyone else. I love you too.

    Hey there's always next year.

    Take care everybody.

    Quoth The Burier....Never...ever..more.
    My 5 year old son right before the kickoff of the Super Bowl 46: Dad, are the Giants gonna win?

    Burier: Yes.

    My 5 year old son right before the kickoff of Super Bowl 46: Do you promise?

    Burier: Yes. I promise.

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