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Gmen need to bring in NASTY

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    That would be a great Giant defense war cry

    Originally posted by jomo View Post
    Doesn't the current version of Osi epitomize this topic. He has turned into a freaking dancing bear out there. We need to find..........then bring the nasty!


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      Originally posted by Moke View Post
      Keith Rivers, Ojomo are prime examples of nasty players IMO.

      Ojomo would be a huge part of this team if he fixes whatever needs to be fixed.
      ..What would make you say that about either of them? Did Rivers even play this year? If he did, I didn't notice...


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        A big NASTY is a guy

        That can bring the wood so hard you don't want to go near him again. When he hits you he tells you to stay down unless you want some more. A big NASTY is a RB that's would rather run you over than make a move that makes you Brandon Jacobs did in his prime. A big NASTY is a LB that stuffs you so hard at the line of scrimmage that you feel like you just ran head first into a freight train. A Big NASTY is a pulling guard that hits you so hard you don't remember what day it is or where you are.You dig it?


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          Ray Lewis epitomizes NASTY, we need an enforcer in the middle like that! Jomo - loved you dancing bears analogy!


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            Originally posted by harrycarson View Post
            I would rather have a coach look like Rob Ryan on the sideline, Dallas has a good D coordinator....
            Well he got fired so he's available. Still want him?