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Five Giant Issues: Nicks' Injuries

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    Originally posted by AntB View Post
    He gets injured because he's a fighter and we need those kind on the team. The botton line is we were not the same without him so we keep him and try to get or groom more like him because when you play that physical anyone will get banged up. Cruz is good for what he is but we also need receivers who can win the hysical battle.
    Nicks and Cruz are better playes when they are both on the field and healthy
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      It's easy to say its a team game and all that good stuff. But I am fairly confident that if Nicks was 100% this year, we def would be in the playoffs right now. The offenses struggles in my opinion can directly be attributed to Nicks' injury. I am not saying we would be a SB contender but def an extra game or two in the regular season.