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Could Cruz leave?

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  • So what if he has played more seasons? There's no point in comparing their first 3 seasons if they barely played.. 19 starts to 1 start.. really?


    • Originally posted by Giantsfan241 View Post
      I can't believe people really think that a player who gave us 1000 yards and 10 tds is irreplaceable.
      He broke Toomer's record for a reason. He has pure talent, and his story of coming up from nothing is great for this organization. Whether you like it or not, he's going to remain a Giant and deserves a big pay day.

      You compared Randle's one game performance against Victor Cruz' two break out seasons and don't want to acknowledge that Wes Welker is also playing with one of the best QB's to play the game and has more seasons under his belt. Before he was with Brady he did NOTHING, and he was having contract disputes for a reason.

      Who will we go for in the free agency to replace Cruz simple because you think we should be cheap and not give him the money he deserves? Because you know, you can't tell me someone out of the draft can replace Cruz because that's just asinine. Cruz is young and has plenty of room to develop into one of the best slot receivers.He brings a spark to the Giants offense that we haven't had since Nick's rookie season..


      • Originally posted by Giantsfan241 View Post
        You are just a clueless "omg cruz is so good hes so explosive best slot in the league omg" when really he didnt have that good of a year, lol, a few break out games but the rest have been average or abysmall.
        All right, I'm done arguing with a complete tool. Clearly you have no idea what you're talking about. This board knows it. And the Giants organization doesn't give a **** about your ****eyed thinking on this matter.

        But, can't help myself--Question, first. How many back-to-back thousand yard receivers have the Giants had in last 13 years (when the NFL began to become "a passing league"and passing yards overall began to increase)?

        Toomer (5 years, his 4th-8th seasons 1999-2003)

        Nicks (2 years, his 2nd-3rd seasons)

        Cruz (2 years, his 2nd-3rd seasons and counting

        That's it.

        Even Burress did not put back-to-back 1000 yard seasons together for the Giants. He did it once, early in his career for the Steelers. But not with us.

        You say Look at your stats? Why? Here's the thing. You don't know their meaning to a team.

        You obviously don't know, so I'll tell you: opposing teams study upcoming opponents. If you did not anticipate that Cruz' ave yds per catch would decrease this year from last year, then you need some lessons in how teams prepare for star players.

        You dismiss the fact that in spite of Nicks missing games or playing with injured foot and knee every week after Week Two, and in spite of the fact that even if Nicks played healthy most of the season Cruz would still have drawn closer, double, at times triple coverage all season long, Cruz had more receptions and 1 more TD than in 2011.

        Yeah, everybody and his mother knows Cruz had over 1500 yards last year, and nearly 1100 yards this year. So you noticed that too. So astute of you. But you seem to not realize that 1500 yards for WRs is still a pretty rare phenomenon. Very few WRs that do achieve that, do so on a repeated basis, or even ever again. It's the equivalent to a RB gaining 2000 yards in a season. Very few have done it, and none--except maybe Dickerson??--repeat that. Does that mean those few RBs should be released or allowed to go into FA their 4th year because they did not repeat 2000 yards? (I'll answer for you---"NO").

        How many 1500+ yard seasons has the mighty (the consensus Best Receiver Today) Calvin Johnson had ? Two. The last 2 seasons, his 5th and 6th seasons. And Calvin set a new NFL record in yards in a season, to accomplish that rare feat of a second 1500+ consecutive season.

        How many 1500+ yard seasons has Larry Fitzgerald had? NONE. ZERO. NADA. ZILCH. He did have 3 seasons with barely 1400+, though, including 2011. And he's been considered among the best 2 or 3 receivers in the league the last 8 years. But guess what? This year he dropped from 1411 yards, 17.6 ave, and 8 TDs in 2011 to 798 yards, 11.2 ave, and 4 TDs in 2012. I guess AZ will release him and his $15+ million per year contract, huh?

        How many has Welker had? One, in 2011.

        And, yes, Cruz is considered to be one of the best 2-3 slot receivers in the game today. That entails being reliable, and the ability to make clutch receptions when needed, not lots of yards necessarily.

        You are focusing on 1 stat and 1 stat only, to the exclusion of every other important aspect of a receiver's worth to a team. That 1100 yards is not as good as 1500 yards. Forget that 1000+ yards is an important contribution to a team's offense. Forget he had more TDs than last year (even though it's one, it's still more). Forget that even though Cruz had far more attention paid to him this year, for all 16 games, he had more receptions. Forget that very few WRs have the same yards every game--Cruz is the only excellent (and, yes, he is excellent at his job) receiver to have more yards one game than he does the next, according to your criteria.

        And I'M the "clueless" one.

        Well, prepare to be upset this off season. Because Cruz will get paid, he will get paid well, and he will be paid by the Giants.

        A M F and peace out.