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  • Players to target in FA

    Brandon Jacobs - RB
    Delanie Walker - TE
    Devin Thomas - WR

    Peyton Hillis - RB if he doesnt ask for much money

    Then would try to resign Bennett, Cruz, Brown, Brown, Phillips, Beatty, Rivers, Tynes, Locklear

    Then I would release Bradshaw and restructure Eli and a few others

    Then I would Draft OL in the 1st, OL or LB in the 2nd, then BPA all the way down as long as we dont need someone at the position BPA plays

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    If Brandon Jacobs wants to come back to the Giants, Advantage: Reese.
    Devin Thomas retired on the Bears soon after signing with them for this season. He's done with football and is moving on with his life. It's good to be Superbowl Champ.

    From Wikipedia:
    "On March 28, 2012, Thomas signed with the Chicago Bears to a one-year contract.[8] On August 5, 2012, he announced his retirement from the NFL on his Twitter account. It was later revealed in the New York Daily News that same day he retired at such a young age to avoid lifelong injuries like brain damage, however, it was not likely at that point that he had a future as a player in the NFL. He also said he would like to settle down with his fiancée Porshia and their son Devin Jr.[9]"


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      BJ may have another year left in him but I think we are set at RB, if we spend money in FA we need to sign our own guys back then look at potential upgrades at LB and OL...


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        The only thing Jacobs should look for here is to retire as a Giant. We have far greater needs than RB this season.
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          I think BJ's time as a Giant has passed. He would not like the limited role he would have hear, IMO. Thomas is out. If Brown is able to comeback healthy, I think we are good at RB. I agree with Chaos. LB and OL are top priorities. Then see what help we can get in the Draft. But whatever we draft, please no more "projects". Seems like this team is having a hard enough time getting experienced players to learn our schemes. We can't afford more Draft choices on guys we won't see for 3 years down the road, (If ever).
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            Phil Loadholt (OT, Vikings) would be a great signing.. dont know what kind of $$$ though..