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    Originally posted by BLUDude92 View Post
    Terell suggs

    Aldon smith

    Von miller

    James Harrison

    Demarcus Ware

    Clay Matthews

    Tamba Hali

    Anthony Spencer

    Shaun Phillips

    Mario Williams

    How are they not abundant? Many of the best pass rushers are outside linebackers
    Aren't just about all those guys 34 LBs, DEs that converted to LB, or LBs that are getting converted to DEs?

    Those are some poor examples unless you are advocating switching to a 34.


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      My bad, i just meant pass rushing linebackers in general


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        He is just completely oblivious to making adjustments


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          Originally posted by BLUDude92 View Post
          We have only made the playoffs once in the past 4 seasons?

          Something on the coaching needs to change. I don't think necessarily the people need to change, but the attitude of the coaches need to change. Coughlin is determined to play a smash mouth style of football with personnel that is incapable of playing the way he wants. We should be running a very up-tempo offense giving Eli free reign but also giving the defense little time to adjust. I feel that Coughlin and Gilbride are forcing this offense to play what they want instead of the best option that fits our players. Our defense on the other hand, needs to be more aggressive Put it this way, we need more Stevie Brown's and less Corey Webster's. What im saying is we need to pursue more players with a knack for turnovers,aggressive mentality, and ball hawking. Besides JPP, our D Line is getting a bit older. I feel we should pursue a linebacker similar to Von Miller. He can sack the quarterback, but also play the outside linebacker position very efficiently. This would fill the hole we have at linebacker and at a pass rushing position. In conclusion, these are the changes I feel would be best for the team.

          P.S: Please take into consideration that this is my opinion and is not meant for anyone to be pleased or displeased with it.

          Feel free to post your opinions as well
          I wouldn't exactly call the Giants style of play "smash mouth".. in fact, it is probably about as far from that as you can possibly get. You can say a lot of things about the offense but physical, run first, and smash mouth are definitely not at the top of the list. However, I do agree with some of what you said, going with an up-tempo offense, at least at times, would be good.

          On defense, I think the biggest issues are at DT and LB, not DE and secondary. They do give up a lot of big plays against both the run and pass and the pass rush isn't nearly as good as last year. I think a lot of that has to do with the LB positions, they are unable to shoot the gaps and aren't very good dropping into coverage to stop those short passes that keep the chains moving, forcing the D to stay on the field way too long. If you can do a better job taking away those quick passes and stopping the run, the QB holds the ball longer and the DEs have time to get to him.
          My goal had been to win a championship, work toward the Hall of Fame, have my jersey retired by the team and I`d go in as a lifelong New York Giant, but I`m now resigned to the fact that this won`t happen. -- Michael Strahan, just when you think you're down...


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            Originally posted by SweetZombieJesus View Post
            To be fair in 2010 they were 10-6 and missed the playoffs (and were inches away from locking up the division before THE COLLAPSE).

            I'm concerned we've narrowly missed the playoffs in the other two years but I'm more concerned about the second half collapses in general, it's happened literally every year under Coughlin and he's clueless about how to fix it.
            Personel changes to this guy or that won't make a difference until this issue is addressed. After figuring that out, start looking for people on defense that have dealt alot in college with option QBs.


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              With more and more teams running the ball to the left, knowing that many teams put a pass rush specialist there who's weak against the run (can you say Osi?), it seems to me that JPP is the prototype for Right DE now. They've got to become three down players who are good against the run. The LB on that side needs to be a disciplined guy with good speed who's capable to playing against Shanahan's option system. The right side of the defense can't be a pass rush only zone any more, especially with the RGIII's, Russells' and Kapernicks that are playing QB now.

              BTW- there goes Osi's value in free agency too.