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Fact Or Fiction: RB David Wilson 2013

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    It's all fiction. Manti Te'O created David Wilson...he never existed. Dammit! Wrong thread.


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      Originally posted by ELI_HOF_NYG View Post
      I have a feeling it's gonna be mostly defense, especially the first 3 rounds unless a cant pass up type of prospect falls in our lap.
      I still think the only pieces we DON'T already have on the roster are MLB and a second CB. I want to see what Tracy an Ojomo can do first. OL is a far more important position to upgrade in my book. We had too many three and outs on offense that the defense could barely catch their breath before they were back on the field.

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        Bradsahw will not stay healthy. Even in a backup or 3rd down role he will suffere with his feet. His injuries are chronic and not "healable" so to speak.
        He wont like being the 3rd down only back. I really dont know what will transpire next season. See who comes through reseason without any physical setbacks...
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