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Giants Must Handle New Wave Of College Style Offenses Embedding The NFC East

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    Here is the problem. We have Perry Fewell.


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      Originally posted by Redeyejedi View Post
      The best player in the is draft against the zone read/option plays is LSU's Barkevious Mingo because he has the Quickness and speed to wait and attack when he is optioned and the back side pursuit ability to take down plays from behind.Mingo vs CLemsonWatch at 09 seconds . The read is Sam Montgomery on this play who stays home which means hand off . Watch how quickly Mingo gets to the ball.Mingo is just to fast and quick for the pulling LG. He Forces the fumbleat 2:20 watch him pursue from the backside of the play again. he is 1 step away from blowing that play up3:04 This 1's a great example of what im talking about his speed and quickness disrupting these plays. They were reading Mingo and he slides down inside the B Gap. Barrow #57 moves up at this point the O should of adjusted and read the LB but they didnt. They just let Mingo come flying through for a sackMingo vs OregonHere it again from 2011 against Oregon and Chip kelly. The Backside pursuit again :43read this has more about what you were suggesting explains it In this article it also talks about how TCU defends it. TCU employs a 4-2-5 Defense with 3 safeties "Sound Familiar" This way U keep the Front 4 strong against the run and give enough players on the field that can defend the pass.
      Oh wow. Amazing. I'm at work now, but ima check.these out when I get home. I appciate you.posting this. Off topic by chance have a user account on.the Memedroid app? If not, someone else took your username lol.


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        Originally posted by RoanokeFan View Post
        And how many yards do they gain while we wait for the QB to cry uncle?
        Probably much less than the "deer in the headlights" defense that Fewell has been teaching.

        Concepts like gap integrity and contain are not overly complicated. Fewell has these guys so amped up to strip the ball or get a pick that they have lost the fine art of physicality. No jamming, poor tackling and when was the last time one of our guys lit up a player who came across the middle of the field ?


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          wow redeye thanx for those clips. mingo may be my new wish for the 1rst rd pick. i still would be stoked with Fisher OT, but Mingo's right on his heels. u think he goes top 10 like the announcers were saying?