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  • Coaching Tree?

    So since we are talking about Parcells this weekend, I was wondering how much stock everyone puts into the whole "coaching Tree" thing. I think it's overrated. I don't really think Parcells deserves credit for Coughlins success just because he coached Bill's WR's. Maybe BP just was very good at picking good coaches for his staff.

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    It's not overrated because you need to be able to have good positional coaches to succeed and like yo said he was good at it. Now TC might have ended up being a great coach wether or not he worked with bill but he did and we can't gauge how much influence bp had on him if any at all. So do I thin bp deserves credit for TC success,no.ndo I think he deserves credit for helping to mold a great HC, yes.


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      I don't think BP deserves "all the credit" for TC, Belichick, or the many other coaches in his "tree"... but he does deserve credit for finding these great coaches and bringing him onto his staff. Just as a GM is judged by his ability to find talented players, a HC is judged by his ability to find talented assistants, because those assistant coaches have just as much impact on team success as the players or even HC has. It is about building a great team and clearly Parcells knew how to build a great coaching staff.

      A GM doesn't make the players he drafts great, and a HC doesn't make the personnel he hires great, and that isn't what they are judged by. They are judged by having the ability to pick out the great ones.
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        actually TC would be another limb on that tree! he has only been a position coach never a coordinator!

        Belichick imo is a perfect example and model of Parcells tree! he still has Parcells former players coaching for him!


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          Each coach has their own method and character, but I don't think it's a surprise that some of the best coaches evaluate and surround themselves with talent, which includes their own coaching staff as well.


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            everyone learns from those who they work under and are mentored by

            Coughlin will be the first one to tell you how much he learned from Bill Parcells

            just as he learned from Marion Campbell who gave him his first pro position, and Forrest Gregg

            coaching staffs are a family who spend more time with each other than their actual situations like that it is nearly impossible to not take something that stays with you for life

            Coughlin himself is a connoisseur of coaching history as it pertains to all sports and a firm believer in the coaching tree influence and impact
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