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    As of the Super Bowl, I targeted the following players to possibly be cut: Boley, Diehl, Webster.
    This would give us a little cap relief.

    When all is said and done, I honestly believe the Giants will acquire a good quality CB via FA, and maybe an inexpensive LB or DT for depth. I like the cover CB on the Ravens, can't remember his name, if he is a FA?

    I doubt Bradshaw gets cut. I feel he should return next year. Plus I believe we will get another RB via FA or draft. Canty will not be cut. However, Bernard will not return next season. I think Austin is a bust. He looked overweight and slow. I'm not sure if they give him another year to show significant improvement.

    Despite what ppl think, from articles I have read, the Giants feel Baas played ok.
    However, I would love for the Giants to draft Barrett Jones. He brings versatility to our OL, being able to play three positions. I hope he is on the board when we pick in round 2!!!