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    The draft system is designed to equalize teams and talent. After drafting late for several years, due to our success, our talent does not match up with this year's play off teams...OL, RBs, DL, LB, DBs, and receiving corps. And we have drafted a lot of "projects" who haven't generally done it. TC is a good coach, but he isn't a good coach with projects or rookies. Our rookies make it into the starting line up later than other rookies and sparkle less. TC is the wrong coach for Reese and his outside-the-box willingness to draft projects. Only Reese's ability to pull the rabbit out of the hat stands between us now and 2-4 years of mediocrity. And soon, not this year, Reese needs to have a sober conversation with TC about retiring after next year.

    Your comments are solicited.
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    I could be mistaken, but I've always been under the impression that TC's appointment comes straight from ownership.