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Sapp says he clearly should have made Hall over Giants great, 'media darling' Strahan

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  • Originally posted by BlueSanta View Post
    I agree with you. He was, in his prime, a more dominant player.

    But, his prime was very short. I cannot discount the 2nd half of his career where he was not at all a dominant force and was actually a liability. Strahan was more consistently dominant throughout his career.
    He was misused/out of position in Oakland as a 5tech


    • Originally posted by Rat_bastich View Post
      There are two Sapps. There is the great player Sapp and their is the Sapp that likes to put his foot in his mouth. Appreciate the one but hate the other. Remember during Bounty Gate when he out of nowhere accused Shockey of being the one who ratted his teammates out and eventually had to recant. Also, I believe he has received disciplinary action at NFLN in the past for his half ****ed rants.

      It's an LT type thing. Great player, confused human being.

      And, phantom sack or whatever you want to call it you have to take it for what it was...still a sack that added to Strahan's total. He still holds the record.
      The phantom sack being given up early doesn’t mean that if it wasn’t given up, Stray wouldn’t’ve been pushing harder and got it later on in the game anyway.

      LT has his issues but he is head and shoulders a better human being that a piece of human detritus like Warren Sapp. Also, LT never threw anyone under the bus the was Fathead Sapp did when he falsely accussed Shockey.

      I really think that although Stray still loves having the sack record that its importance went down a notch or two as soon as he won SuperBowl with NY Giants.


      • Originally posted by bigblue58 View Post
        If you ask me, writers make up an awful lot of arbitrary rules for induction on their own that should have nothing to do with the selection process!
        If what you believe their perception of Strahan's record to be is true, then Strahan may never be voted in. He's retired, so he's not gonna be any better or more deserving next year, or the next TEN years if they truly think his record setting sack was pre planned.
        And there in lies the problem with this theory. They can't prove that the sack was staged, or fixed or how can they keep him out for something they have no solid proof of?
        They're not allowed to cast aspersions on someone and keep them out of the HOF without proof of wrong doing.
        They're like pukey little hall monitors in grammar school who have some power for 45 minutes of their pathetic little lives, and let it go straight to their pointy heads.
        Unfortunately it is the hall they vote on and they enforce the rules. Heck, baseball HOF is even more odd, Jimmie Foxx, Joe Dimaggio and Cy Young just to name a few of the all time greats didnít make it in on first ballot.


        • Sapp is a Sapp as far as I'm concerned. They should have given him a scholarship to clown school instead.


          • Warren Sapp < bantha fodder
            2017 Mock Draft

            1st: Forrest Lamp, OG Western Kentucky
            2nd: Caleb Brantley, DT Florida
            3rd: Gerald Everett, TE South Alabama
            4th: Dont'a Foreman, RB Texas
            5th: Damontae Kazee, CB San Diego State
            6th: KD Cannon, WR Baylor
            7th: Jalen Reeves-Maybin, LB Tennessee


            • Originally posted by AntB View Post
              Sapp is a Sapp as far as I'm concerned. They should have given him a scholarship to clown school instead.
              Ha Ha this is where Sapp should be inducted.




              • Originally posted by BuffyBlueII View Post
                The phantom sack being given up early doesnít mean that if it wasnít given up, Stray wouldnítíve been pushing harder and got it later on in the game anyway.

                Not exactly sure how that would have been possible since there was less then 2 minutes left in the game and Packers were just merely running the clock out since they were already comfortably ahead.