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    I'd be thrilled if the Giants take an LB 1st or 2nd....but I'm totally resigned to more Reese dumpster-diving.

    When it comes to linebackers, Reese sees special teams contributors, not dominating game-changers.
    "I like linebackers. I collect 'em. You can't have too many good ones." - Bill Parcells

    "Name the starting linebackers from 2007." - Jerry Reese


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      Originally posted by GiantRoc View Post
      Even in the middle of a 4-3? Just seems so small. More an outside guy I would think. I guess I never noticed MLBs getting smaller.
      Yep. The standard linebacker size now is 6'0-6'2, 235-245.

      Sean Lee, Willis, bowman, Demeco Ryans, etc etc. all that size.


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        can't wait for the combine to see how big Arthur Brown really is..


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          I'd love OL and LB in the first 2 rounds. Its interchangeable for me in terms of position/round taken. I've been screaming for OL since the year GB took Bulaga (I think that was the JPP draft if I recall?) The problems only gotten worse. Woulda loved to replace KMac with a young stud. Never liked McClain as much as others that year, but def wanted Bruce Carter. He looked studly before the injury.

          I do like Ogletree this year but who knows what Reese decides to do. Literally any position but QB, WR, and RB in the first would make sense. I'd even say TE and Saftey would be eyebrow raisers for me as 1st/2nd round picks.

          So that would leave OL, DL, LB, and CB as postions I would think we should target in the draft. Supposedly this year is deep on DL so perhaps that gets pushed to 2nd or 3rd round even. That to me says LB, CB, or OL in the 1st and 2nd. That's how I look at it anyway.

          Obviously if a beast DL or Saftey fell to 19 alla Prince I'd think we'd pull the trigger, but I think that the pick is LB, CB, or OL as previously stated.


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            With all the post on the subject lets hope that they finally get a MLB for the next 5 years or so once and for all.
            Bill Loyal to the NYG logo