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Would you rather a 2nd round pick or Stevie Brown?

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    Originally posted by RoanokeFan View Post
    I tend to prefer the devil we know especially when that devil lead the team in interceptions
    I'm with you!


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      Originally posted by nycsportzfan View Post
      I'd go with the pick, because we have no idea if Brown was a 1yr wonder or not. The guy was nothing the first few yrs in his career, and now is a beast? I sure hope so, and i love em as a reserve role S, but not were talking solid money and being able to repeat seasons that have been rare in his career..All in all, i'd take the 2nd rd pick, but i'm intrigued in seeing if Brown can come close to replicating last yrs numbers...
      Dude, how does that make any sense? You have no idea if Brown is any good even though he led the team in ints yet somehow you have more confidence in a 2nd round pick that hasn't proven he can even play in the NFL? You know how many 2nd rounders never even get on the field? Unless he sucks, I'll take the bird in hand any day over a draft pick


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        Keep a playmaker any day.