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Since there is some talk about the giants cap situation in 2014.

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    Originally posted by BigBlueAllDay View Post
    I think it might have been better to go fishing for trades with Bradshaw, Canty, Boley for some 5-7th round picks, knowing that they were going to get released anyway. Cap results would have been exactly the same anyway, except the team gets more bottom tier picks to play around with.
    Those guys didn't have any trade value with their inflated contracts. And other teams know there was a good chance they would be released so no reason for them to trade for them.


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      Originally posted by killerbootz View Post
      isn't the salary cap supposed to sky-rocket in 2014 because of the tv deal? if thats the case then WOO-HOO
      No. Not as much as people think, at least. The league/NFLPA "borrowed" against some of that gain to not have the cap decrease too greatly when the new CBA took effect. Also, the revenues from the TV deals are going to be coming in incrementally over the length of the deals which will mean no huge increase in the cap. The cap will certainly rise, but it just won't be an astronomical amount.


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        Originally posted by G-Men Surg. View Post
        The fact is that a player rarely knows when his time is up, IMO he is going to be treated gracefully when the end of career comes and I truly think his next redo, renegotiation or contract extention will be his last and retire in Blue.
        I'm sure his next extension will be his last, as it would probably put him close to 40 when it's over (save if he does a small 1 or 2 year extension this offseason to help free up cap space). As far as knowing when it's time to retire, the guaranteed salary portion of his contract should be done much like Brady's: It isn't guaranteed unless he's still on the roster at a certain time.


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          First, thanks for a detailed analysis, slip, before I tear this research to shreds, .

          Seriously, though, the thing that is most concerning with any free agent analysis is the assumption that too many players on "our" team are ready for removal in favor of some magical players out there in free agency that are much better.

          The truth of the matter is that all teams have large holes to fill and most go into a season with band aids at one or more positions, as well as being razor thin at a number of other positions.

          Many fans really fail to appreciate players who don't/can't match up to their best previous year and fail to realize or ever know how much injuries had hampered a player's performance in the most recent year.

          But then, it's time to overpay for that special free agent that will put "us" over the top. And dump the rest of "our" guys since "we" didn't win.

          My point: sometimes it's just signing your own free agents that can put a team over the top, and the grass isn't always greener. "Fixing" one of our own is infinitely preferable to bringing in too many newbies who might take a whole year to fully grasp a playbook.


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            The first thing I thought of when I started to read this was, "If a train leaves New York, and travels an average speed of 76 miles per hour....." Damn, you guys really get into this s**#. Are you going to do this all again when a bunch of the guys get released? I have to hand it to you, that's a hell of a lot of research. Damn Slip...was this a job application for a FO job with the Giants?
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