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    Originally posted by oldsmobile View Post
    Still don't know what happen with Mitch Petrus ? Thought he played well in 2011, when he was needed !!! Got in the "DOG HOUSE" .
    He's a patriot now iirc... he got Belisniped, like Ballard was.

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.


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      Originally posted by Redeyejedi View Post
      Honestly u dont want every player to be All Pro because u cant pay them all. Finding + VALUE is the key. Boothe is + VALUE at 2 million a year at 4 he isnt. They just better not be stupid if he wants 2.5-2.75 just give it to him.
      I have to admit that the right and intelligent thing to do for Boothe and his agent is to wait for FA to start and see his value in the open market then if Boothe really want to stay in Blue he will come back with Reese and try to match any offer he has on the table. Boothe is a very intelligent and bright guy and I'm sure he'll go this way. Boss and SS are banging their heads literally for not doing so.
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        We give Boothe a take it or leave it offer.
        Because of all of the effort and examination being poured into these predictions, the draft is a robust market that, in the aggregate, does a good job of sorting prospects from top to bottom.1 Yet despite so many people trying to “beat the market,” no single actor can do it consistently. Abnormal returns are likely due to luck, not skill. But that hasn’t stopped NFL executives from behaving with the confidence of traders.


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          Originally posted by giantsfan420 View Post
          of course not. but when the market sets the price on a player who is pretty much avg and maxed out potential wise, and its out of our range, I have no qualm with thanking the guy and moving on...which is what it sounds like JR is doing. I wasnt stating it to indicate every guy needs to be an all pro. i was stating it bc the fact he isnt all pro material imo means hes not someone who cant be replaced...thought that was obvious but i see how i coulda been confusing
          Reese has taken care of Beatty and he won't do it again for a lineman. However, if he can get Boothe he should. Don't forget he can move over to center if we needed him to.
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