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If we never draft another short receiver again I will die a happy man...

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    Originally posted by giants8493 View Post
    SO no 5'8''. What if a player is 5'9'' is that draft able still?
    Right, SS Panthers is listed at 5'9", and I think their being generous. Santana Moss is listed at 5'10", another exaggeration. Jernigan's biggest obstacle is that he is raw at the skills needed to make a good NFL receiver, not his height. A short receiver needs to run crisp routes and be exceptionally strong to gain separation. I haven't seen him enough to make the call, but what I saw on his college film did not remind me of Santana Moss at the U.
    Because of all of the effort and examination being poured into these predictions, the draft is a robust market that, in the aggregate, does a good job of sorting prospects from top to bottom.1 Yet despite so many people trying to “beat the market,” no single actor can do it consistently. Abnormal returns are likely due to luck, not skill. But that hasn’t stopped NFL executives from behaving with the confidence of traders.


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      Yeah Jernigan is a huge bust. Just like that Andre Brown guy who hasn't shown anything since 2009. Wait...


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        Originally posted by Rudyy View Post
        Jernigan so far has showed me nothing to believe he can be an effective slot receiver.

        However, it won't hurt to give him another season to prove himself either.
        Yes and yes.
        No one remembers who came in second.


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          As Roanoke said, JJ is here for the rest of his rookie contract. He's playing for minimum to be honest, so the only thing you're really freeing up by cutting him is a roster spot...

          I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.


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            Originally posted by gmen46 View Post
            Well, of course. I've been too impressed with Reese and all the team's talent evaluators track record to not believe in them now.

            It's just I do find it a bit rich--getting back to the OP of this thread--that there is so much positive passion on behalf of Jernigan, unsubstantiated by very little if any performance to date, so soon after there was such vehement vitriol against Moss after his first 2 (though maybe it was after his 3rd).

            I mean, the aspects of Moss' potential that were so highly anticipated and touted by all concerned--"blazing" speed, quickness, and ability as a good returner--ultimately meant nothing. Moss could not deliver, when it was all said and done.

            The same attributes have, as it happens, been attributed to Jernigan. The disappointing results, after 2 seasons, have been eerily similar to those of Moss.

            And they're both short. So they got that going for them.
            I just don 't thin k we've seen enough of Jernigan on the field to make any statement about his long term viability
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              Originally posted by DownWitJPP View Post
              LOL im done with this kid...u have the attention span of a pet rock