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    Originally posted by Flip Empty View Post
    Ugh. Had to be done but it's only shifting the problem back a year.
    He's just further entrenched in the team, now.

    Criticism is magnified because of his cap number.

    yea I agree but we got many deals to get done this year so they can be structured around them....

    it was a necessary evil


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      Originally posted by bearbryant View Post
      I don't think anyone is portraying Baas. The only think that portrays him is his underactive game speed. The deal cut with baas is a typical example of a very poor job in the FO when signing him. He comes to us injured and the FO does nothing to protect the team from being saddled with a mediocre player at best with a mutimillion dollar contract. RF, you don't really believe that he's worth his contract, do you? Come on, man!
      It definitly wasn't Reese's best contract... but I mean you can't argue with much else hes done. The Rolle contract gets over hyped and Canty is gone. Not much more to debate. We're up against the cap every year and have won two superbowls in 6 years - that will happen...


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        Not crazy about this move, since it now bumps his cap number up next year, when we'll have to resign JPP, but if it helps the team to keep Cruz and makes room for the draft picks then it has to be done.
        All Hail The New York Giants!!


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          Originally posted by MattMeyerBud View Post
          won't happen, now he has more guaranteed money for the following two years
          THIS! Hope the numers aren't horrendous...


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            Originally posted by Kruunch View Post
            No I'm not sure... just from the tweet it made it sound like a pay cut since it didn't mention guaranteeing anything.

            Either way is fine with me ... makes him cut bait for next year (I'm not a huge Baas fan).
            Restructure just moved the $$ around. So if it's not this year, it's down the line...


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              Originally posted by RoanokeFan View Post
              Baas is not as bad as he's being portrayed. I think he'll have a good season in 2013. Cutting him would have resulted in dead money we don't need.


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                Once again we have no sense of future when we manage the cap. We need all the money we can get next eyar and years after for Cruz and Nicks but no we killed another million off the salary cap for the next 3 years.

                Reese wants to save money? Cut freaking Webster and Diehl.