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Does Giants FO knows something we don't know yet?

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    Originally posted by bigbluetribe View Post
    my only hope for woodson would be the same role madison played back in 07/08 other than that i do not know how much we would be able to rely on him for playing time
    This is it exactly


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      Considering they're the front office and we are the public, I have a slight inclination they know something that we do not.


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        This thread cannot be serious.

        Maybe he meant to say " The Giants FO knows something we dont know yet!"

        otherwise, what?!

        Stand with Cruz!


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          Why have been hearing that we are now 8 to 9 million under the cap while the OP is saying we are over? Do I really need to ask which is it?


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            Not unless the FO hired Harry Potter to fix the cap space problem.



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              Originally posted by nygpolishpunk View Post
              This thread makes me laugh.

              Woodson is past his prime, that's the only thing about him that makes him a "big name"

              He'll mentor some young kids but that's about it, and I'm fine with that if we get him. Good use of the skills he has left.
              i still think he has value. Could play that Sam Madison role for us (read that somewhere and liked it).


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                Originally posted by Redeyejedi View Post
                With Eli making 20 million a year for the rest of the deal this team is going to have a very hard time fielding a team with enough depth to win. Thats why positional value in the draft is going to be key. Getting Starters at expensive spots like DE and CB cheap is the way to save money. Not drafting low price positions like Interior line or RT in the 1st round
                Been saying this for years. Noone seems to understand it