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Some salary cap questions.

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  • Some salary cap questions.

    Hi Everyone,

    Can some clarify some things about the salary cap for me? How does a players salary and signing bonus and guaranteed salary count agains the cap? For example, I have seen reference to a good offer for Cruz being 5 years, $40 million with $15 million guaranteed. So would that be $8 million a year (for simplicity sake) spread out over 5 years, correct? Does the guaranteed money count against the cap or is that just a part of the $40 million? If they offered a $2 million signing bonus, would that count all in one year against the cap or does the signing bonus get spread out over the the length of the contract?

    Also, do coaches salaries count against the cap or is it strictly players? These seem like silly questions but when I started to think about it, I realized I wasn't exactly sure how it worked. Thanks in advance for the time everyone!