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How big of a factor is the NY market for cruz staying with the giants?

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  • How big of a factor is the NY market for cruz staying with the giants?

    people say cruz would make much more $ in endorsements by staying in ny as opposed to going to a team like minnesota, kansas city, or some other small market team.. can anyone give me a general idea here as to how big of a factor this would be for a guy like cruz?

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    Well I would have no idea at all what the number difference would be but I know that there is definitely more $ endorsements if you are a high profile player on a big city team. Also I think things like he is a local kid, we brought him in UDFA, etc.. should be some other pretty big factors on why Cruz would want to stay in N.Y
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      I would venture to say in a long term deal, say like 5-7 years you'd be talking a difference worth Millions of Dollars
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        There really is no way of knowing with any certainty. But Cruz already has non-football interests that were built here and NY is the largest media market in the world. It's also the fashion capital of the world and, since at least one of his interests is clothing, he's also in the best place for that endeavor.

        I think you really need to look at all of the factual signs we've seen over the last two weeks or so to realize there is a full court press on by the Giants to keep Cruz in Blue long term. They won't overpay, but they will negotiate until both sides come away with a win. One of Cruz's non-football interests is becoming a sports media type or actor. Last week, he had dinner with Steve Tisch who can certainly open doors for Victor in that regard.

        He's been communicating weekly with Eli, he now has Eli's agent representing him, he has talked with TC at least once, John Mara and Tisch has made it clear they want him back as has Jerry Reese. None of us know what his demands were before the change in agents nor what the Giants have offered except Tisch may have let that out of the bag in saying he will get more than Welker.

        Victor has a family oriented kind of personality. The Giants are his football family. Nothing in life is guarantee, but the signs all point to his signing a long term deal with the Giants that will be good for him and the team and provide him non-football opportunities at his doorstep.
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          I don't think there is much difference at all, unless he went to a brutal franchise like Jacksonville or Kansas City. If he went to a good team and was just as successful, he will do fine anywhere.

          This endorsement stuff, to me, is exaggerated by fans trying to justify a reason for him to stay here for less money. I'm still waiting for someone to give me an example of one player in any NY sport that ever took significantly less money to stay here because of endorsments, or any other reason for that matter.


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            i dont know how much of a factor signing Cruz would be for the NY market!

            he is a New York area native and signing him would prolly have some impact on endorsements etc!

            i hope he remains a Giants; however if he does leave he will still get paid how much more or less no one knows at this point!


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              ultimately, it could be priceless. think about the lin phenomenon that one season. were he to have stayed, that whole fan fare continues. if cruz leaves, its not exactly what new promotional deals he makes, its the ones he'll miss out on. he will have his choice of reppin anything in nyc, in a place like kc, u get limited...


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                He could make money anywhere he plays as long as he plays well. Playing in another city won't hurt him if he is a star player there. He is one of a few Latino players in the NFL and will have fans in other countries even. The season is not 12 months long and with lots of money he can have many houses and stay at one in the off season in the NY area.


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                  He has many other ventures outside of football, and NYC is literally the best place in the world for him to pursue those. An $8 million a year contract to stay in NY is probably realistically worth more money for him than a $10 million contract is in a place like St Louis.


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                    I don't think it matters anymore, if your marketable your marketable.


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                      I'd venture to say that his agent has established a dollar amount to reflect how much more he would make in certain cities to then establish how much he would want from certain teams. However, I don't think it is significant because second contracts are all about guaranteed money. If you're good enough and healthy enough, youll get endorsements anywhere. But bad health leads to no endorsements, and if you took less guaranteed money, then you ****ed up big time.


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                        I don't think it matters at all. Peyton Manning makes the most money from endorsements in the NFL and his whole career has been in Indy which is smaller than Kansas City and Minneapolis.

                        I used to live in the Minnesota area and people out there are absolutely fanatical about football. Head to a bar on Sunday and it will be filled 4-5 hours before a big game.
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                          If it was a big factor he'd have signed his extension by now.