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"It's a mental thing, I believe, as much as anything else."

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  • "It's a mental thing, I believe, as much as anything else."

    Coughlin has taken a lot of flak over his time with the Giants with all the injury problems the team has had in that time. His comment about injuries being "a mental much as anything else" has been talked about a lot. Interesting that Justin Tuck had the following point in his post-game today:

    Q: Coach Coughlin talked about you playing every snap in practice and not worrying about the injuries. Did it make a difference?

    TUCK: I think it did just because people have told me it did. I guess I try to play naÔve sometimes in the fact of thinking that people look at me and how I play the game. Like you said, I just made up my mind that Iím not going to be healthy this year. Itís not going to happen. But youíre mind can make your body do a lot of things that normally wouldnít happen when youíre not mentally right. And I havenít been mentally right this year. I had a great conversation with Coach Coughlin, had some great conversations with Mr. Reese and a lot of people around here - just talking about how to play this game - and I think it really helped me.