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NY Giants, Jerry Reese Follow No NFL Draft Trends; Expect The Unexpected

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    Originally posted by NorwoodBlue View Post
    What if the BPA is a QB or WR? Do they take him? It seems to me the BPA is always splitting hairs between a group of players at any point in the draft. Any one player is probably not heads and shoulders above all the others, unless it's somebody who's dropped due to character issues or some other intangible nonsense; but that's a different situation. Sometimes those guys just fall, and they fall right into our lap. But, barring that, DE is probably going to be the choice, or a really good DT. That's always been the Giants draft bias, along with CB, and I doubt it's going to change any time soon. If JR does something different, especialy OL, that will be the real surprise.
    If there is a really highly rated WR that falls to them, I'd believe that the Giants would absolutely draft him. As for QB? Possibly, but in order to trade him.