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What The Giants Have To Replace At RB

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    Originally posted by myles2424 View Post
    Im confident in Wilson/Brown as the main duo.....But as a Wilson fan I have to admitt im nervous that Brown steals the show, he showed some legit promise...
    I dont care which RB steals the long as one of them does....
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      I think we just can't come to the realization that we may have the next Gail Sayers on our team. I know its early, but I see this kid being the great RB the Giants haven't had since , well, forever.

      I hope I'm right, so I can say I told you so. Hahaha
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        Originally posted by Redeyejedi View Post
        I think the Giants are still 1 RB short. We dont know if David Wilson will handle at least 200 NFL carries and Andre Brown hasnt stayed healthy enough for that since HS. Someone that has the experience and ability to be a number #2 back and get 15 carries if 1 of them happens to go down for a long stretch is needed. Another back could be had in the 3rd day. A bruiser like MSU's Le'veon Bell that has experience carrying the ball 30 times between the tackles would give the Giants some security. Familiarity with blitz pick ups would be a huge plus since most College RB's lag behind in blocking
        Think he will be around on the 3rd day?


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          Originally posted by StrahanTheMan View Post
          Maybe they plan on more of the hynoceros in the backfield.
          He would love an increased role
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